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Lyle Grosse

James K. Grosse

Vice Principal

December 30, 1903 - January 1987

When we graduated and we were signing yearbooks, Mr. Grosse was signing my book when I made the comment, “I can’t wait to leave Oroville High School; I’m graduating, getting married and I will never come back.”

Well…., it is October, 1978, I apply as Registrar and interview with Johnny Johnson, OHS Principal, and I get the job. When Mr. Grosse sees me in the office on my first day, he HAS to remind me of what I had said 20 years before – and he would continue to “rub it in” until his retirement.

(Mr. Grosse was one of my favorite OHS teachers when I worked there; he taught one of my daughters both Latin and U.S. History and he was one of her favorites as well.)

Shirley Anderson (Hottinger)

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