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Mrs. Perasco

Mrs. Perasco

School Nurse

I only had one encounter with Mrs. Perasco, which was probably one more than most students had.

I was listening to one of Mr. Lucas' lectures, sitting near the front of the classroom. Glancing my direction as he paced and spoke, he took a double take at me and said, "Do you feel OK?"
"Yes", I replied and asked why.
"You have red spots on your face. Go see the nurse."

When I arrived at her office, with an amused smile, Mrs. Perasco asked me if I had ever had the measles. I told her I had them when I was four.
"Well", she said. "You have them again. You need to go home and stay until you are well."

My revelations for the day:

  • You can have the measles more than once.

  • You can be sick without feeling sick.

If only the rest of my life had unfolded with the simplicity of that day.

Daryl Autrey

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