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Mr. Rossas

James Anthony Rossas

Senior Play Production

May 12, 1928  -  June 25, 2007

Mr. Rossas was elected to the OUHS District Hall of Fame. Read the Biography

A man who loved science, Mr. Rossas was The Physics Teacher.

If a physics class was in your future when your Senior year arrived, you knew who the instructor would be. Mr. Rossas took as much delight in presenting his physics demonstrations as the class did watching them. The intensity of the drama in his performance was proportional to his delight with the experiment's outcome. This flair for the dramatic could have explained his involvement producing class plays.

His summers away from OUHS were usually spent in the company of Nobel Laureate physicists working at The Lawrence Lab at the University of California at Berkeley where the first cyclotron particle accelerator was designed and built under the direction of  Ernest O. Lawrence. Understanding particle physics was his passion. It is no coincidence that a cloud chamber demonstration of spontaneous emission of radioactive particles was one of his favorites.

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