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Oroville High School History

First Oroville High School

First Oroville High School


The Oroville Union High School District was organized by the union of fifteen school districts with the High School located in Oroville. School opened with the fall term 1892 and its sessions were held for twelve years in the main portion of the Grammar School building.

In February 1905, the new High School building situated on the south west corner of Robinson street and Second Avenue was completed and occupied. It was built and equipped at the cost of over $8,000, without bonding the district. The people of Oroville and vicinity have always been very liberal in their support of the High School, but special credit was due to the Bank of Rideout Smith & Co. for advancing $4,000 for two years without interest and to A. F. Jones, H. F. Stow and L. L. Green, cashier of the bank, for negotiating the loan which made it possible to erect the new building.

In the summer of 1908, a third story was added to the building, and in 1911, a new porch and entrance on Second Avenue added much to its appearance.

Lots in the rear of the building were purchased in 1920, where tennis and basket ball courts were erected.

The Oroville Union High School was accredited to the University of California in the spring of 1899, being one of the first Northern California high schools to be accredited.

The original course of study covered the following three year course: three years of English; mathematics covering a review of arithmetic; algebra, plane and solid geometry and bookkeeping; Languages, covering three years of Latin and two years of Greek; History, embodying Greek, Roman and European history, and Civil Government; Zoology, Botany, Physical Geography, Chemistry and Physics. The present four year course of study covers the majority of these subjects and in addition, Free Hand Drawing, Mechanical Drawing, French, German, Spanish, Agriculture, Manual Training, Domestic Science. The Commercial Course covers, Commercial Arithmetic. Office Practice, Business English, Commercial Geography, Stenography, Bookkeeping and Typewriting.

The total number of Alumni members is three hundred and four. Many responsible positions are held by the graduates.

The school took such strides in advance that it became necessary to have a new building to house the pupils. On March 15, 1917 and election was held to bond the district for $80,000 for the purpose of purchasing a new high school site and building. The student body put forth every effort to make the election carry. The bond carried by almost an unanimous vote.

With bright hopes we look forward to the future development of the Oroville Union High School into a Junior College, where the boys and girls of Oroville and vicinity can enjoy the advantages of two years university work.

With the fine new High School building, greater things can be accomplished and standards raised. With there (sic) bright prospects for the future, we wish the Oroville Union High School every success.


A Member of the Alumni,

     A. B. B.

(signed Alta B. Baldwin)

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