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PE Class When Miss Pope Wasn't Looking
 Photos provided by Shirley Anderson
We all had to wear the white “P.E. uniform”
(which we had to iron every weekend!!!!)

Backstop Climbers

Jeri Miller - Jeannie Mathis - Shirley Anderson
What are you looking at?
We're all this limber when we're young

Lois Sibley
Trashing Jeri
Lois Sibley - Jeri Miller
Who's legs are these, really?
Linda Meyer
Fence Posers
Jeri Miller - Lois Sibley - Shirley Anderson

JoAnn Haase - Sue Barge - Frances Jensen - Billie French - Gail Fraiser - Virginia Ross - Sandra Charland - ? - Maggie Abreu - Donna Courtney - Carmelita Neal ('57') - Faye Renison - Linda Lee - Loretta Herring - Dianne Fisher - ?
Bell? What bell???
JoAnn Haase - Billie French - Lois Sibley - Marilyn Henderson
in front of "C" Wing
Standing on the corner
waiting to be watched.

Lois Sibley - Sue Barge - Shirley Anderson - Jeri Miller
hanging out at Robinson and Myers
Senior Skip Day Senior Skip Day
Billie French at Lake Frances
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