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Contributed by Dick Chamberlain

All four years of our education at Oroville High were eventful for our class but the highlight was most certainly our senior year.

During Senior year, our classmates dominated the Student Body offices. In the Fall semester Helen Maas was elected president, Jeri Miller, vice president, Sue Barge, head cheerleader, Linda Harvey, Secretary-Treasurer and Kathy Bird, historian.
Fall Studentbody President Fall Studentbody Officers Spring Studentbody Pesident Spring Studentbody Officers
Spring Semester Student Body offices were held by classmates Carl Overstreet, president, Shirley Anderson, vice president, Mike Andrews, Block O custodian, Nancy Long, secretary, Pat Faunce, historian and Sue Barge, head cheerleader.
  Oration Contest Winners

Oratorical contests were plentiful during the year with seniors Ronnie Collins, Nancy Long, Lois Sibley, Loretta Gant, Carol Creagar, Jim Bucher, Pat Gemberling, Barbara Stanlee, Sandy Charland and Gary Moore participating in many different contests. First prize in the CSF speech contest was ten dollars!
Tiger Tales Staff
The Tiger Tales weekly newspaper
was looked forward to every Friday. Seniors who spearheaded that effort were Bob Gass, John Conaway, Marilyn Henderson, Ronnie Collins, James Jennings, Joe Schleef, Dixie Moellendorf, Shirley Anderson, and Sue Barge. One highlight of the year was Tiger Tales’ “Ugly Man Contest” which was won by junior, Wally Reames.
The Senior Class play was entitled Mr. Icebox and featured Bill Corr in the lead with Ronnie Collins, Jim Bucher, John Conaway, Billie French, Gary Moore, Pat Wright, Shirley Rowe, Bea Brown, Mike Seely, JoAnn Harryman, Warren Delaney, Lillian Burks, JoAnn Haase and Joe Schleef in supporting roles. Stage crew members were Daryl Autrey, Harry Pyke, Craig Ashley, and Don Martin. Marilyn Snelbaker secured the props and James Rossas was the faculty advisor. Mr. Icebox play
There were numerous clubs that students could join and participate in. Top among them were the French Club, Spanish Club, Lyre Club, Junior Red Cross, Radio Club, Auto Club, Pep Club, F.F.A, C.S.F, Science Club, Latin Club, Block O Society, and GAA, Nearly everyone was involved in one club or another.
Football During our senior year, sports were another stirring success story. Our Varsity football team was undefeated and untied going 9-0 and ending the season with a thrilling 14-12 victory over hated Chico High. The football team was led by seniors David Washington, Carl Overstreet, and Ken Williamson who each made “all conference”. Many other seniors played key roles under Coach Johnny Johnson.
At halftime of the Oroville-Chico football game, Senior Judy Kroeger was named first runner-up to winner Sandy Faunce as 8 young ladies vied for the crown of Football Queen. Home Coming Queen
Basketball Team Varsity basketball was another success story as the Tigers tied for second place in the Sierra Foothill League. Two seniors, David Washington and Terry Nafziger, made the all-league team. George Steele, Danny Duncan, Dalan Bartley, Gene Jovich and Roger Kitrick were stalwarts on the team.

Oroville High had the honor of hosting the basketball Acker Tournament in Oroville during our senior year. Terry and David were named to the all tournament team as Oroville came in second out of seven teams. Many seniors participated in coordinating the many tournament events and making housing arrangements for tournament participants.
The spring track season was exciting. Top senior participants on the Varsity A team were David Washington, Mike Andrews, Dean Hill, Eugene Herman, Al Navarro, Roger Kitrick, Gary Black, Brush Clark and Leonard Wood. Cross Country track during the fall semester was led by most of the same individuals unless they were busy playing football.
Track Team Track Team Track Team

Tennis season featured seniors Harry Pyke and Bill Rutherford along with a strong contingent of juniors. TennisTennis Team

One sport that has gone away since our day is the sport of Boxing (at least at the high school level). During our senior year, approximately 125 boxers participated in the Block O eliminations during the spring. Jesse Hipes and Omie Colvin were senior standouts.
Boxing Team Boxing Team Boxing Team
Varsity baseball was led by Coach Johnny Johnson. Ken Williamson, Danny Duncan and Jerry Pryor were standout seniors on the varsity baseball team. Varsity Baseball Team Varsity Baseball

Graduation on Friday, the 13th of June, on Bechtel Field was the culmination of four years of hard work and wonderful companionship that our class had enjoyed. Our friendships endure today.

We remember the dances at the Teen Center, our Junior and Senior proms, rallies before games and leaving campus for lunch with our friends. We loved our cars and seeing our friends
Sputnik model Who cannot remember where they were on October 4, 1957 when it was announced that the Russians had launched their Sputnik satellite, changing the world forever? Thus began a sea tide of change which impacted the course of world events for years to come.

To help us remember things and people as they were, every five years we have held a reunion for classmates to get together and reminisce about the past, compare life stories and share our achievements and in some case our sadness’s. May we always reflect fondly on our memories of our high school years.

We were fortunate to have grown up in such a stress-free time when life was much simpler than it is today. Let us always honor and remember the joy we shared with each other.